Planning Law Changes – An Opportunity or A Risk?

Planning Law Changes – An Opportunity or A Risk?

There is talk of changes to planning law to speed up the planning process. Many will see this as good news and an opportunity to get projects started. However, if new permitted development laws do come into force there will be exceptions such as, conservation areas, listed buildings, and buildings of special character and therein lies risk of falling foul of the law.

There is much more to a successful project then obtaining planning approval. Is the design the best it can be? Is the build going to add value to the property? Are there other ways to increase or improve the layout? If the build will not add value should moving be considered?

Why Use Architectural Designers?

Architectural designers take a design brief and help clients identify key objectives.

We encourage clients to jot down a list of ‘must have’ and ‘nice to haves’. Time spent with a trained professional will result in determining clients priorities and other ways to achieve the objectives. We will advise the client on everything that needs to be taken into considered. This includes the need for pre works asbestos surveys, The Partywall Etc Act, CDM regulations, building over drain permissions, etc etc., designing for future mobility issues.

What are the benefits?

Firstly, the proposals will be the best they can be. Secondly, if detailed building plans are accompanied with a schedule of works this will enable the full scope of work to be clearly defined. What must be included in the price can be specifically listed and this will result in more consistent prices. Moreover, the better the quality of information provided the least likely that misunderstandings will result. Lastly, you will receive professional guidance and advice on the advantages of entering into a formal domestic building contract and how to go about it.


There is so much more to progressing your project than obtaining planning. If you want to avoid finding out after the work has started that there were significant improvements that could have been made, engage an architect or architectural designer.

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  • Wilf Reply

    Trying to put a positive spin on the latest plans to reform the planning system is a fair effort but seems to lack the purpose and ambition that is absent from our current Government.

    Like the one child who spoke about the absence of the Kings new clothes someone must speak out the falsehood surrounding the recurring shortage of new homes.

    Developers are unashamedly not a social construct, they are simply a vehicle for capitalist profiteering. At the first sign of decreasing demand, output stops. Scarcity keeps prices high.

    Look at the volume of accommodation represented by landbanks held by developers, large and small, including their brownfield sites and get them built. There is neither a true shortage of permitted housing nor any defence against mediocre design and poor specifications that blight the majority of those built in this century.

    The time-bomb festering in the unventilated spaces of the modern built environment will manifest when the design life of 60 years upon which mortgage lenders are proven to be best cased projection based upon proactive maintenance and repair regimes to which current generations of homeowners and/or landlords neither follow or fund. This may lead to a collapse in confidence to the extent that sliding down snakes will be as likely as climbing up ladders for those playing the property game in the UK.

    There are easy fixes to many of these woes, but who in Parliament, either Red or Blue, would listen with enough attention for a young boy to at think that he was at least being heard, as the first step to having his concerns understood.

    August 10, 2020 at 8:03 pm

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