I See No Asbestos

I See No Asbestos

Asbestos based products were in prolific use up until the late 80’s. If you own a property that was built prior to the 90’s the likely hood is there may be asbestos present albeit possibly in relatively low grade form, but don’t let this fool you, asbestos in any form can be harmful if not handled correctly.

BEWARE, to expose workers to asbestos is an offense. Domestic home owners are not expected to know about the risks or possibilities of its existence so the onus falls upon professional parties to advise. This may be building surveyors or any professional trades people likely to be carrying out work on the property.
But what if you have a buy-to-let private property such as a flat or dwelling? In this case you are not covered by the domestic ignorance expected of home dwellers. A dwelling rented for profit constitutes a commercial business and as such you would be expected to ensure all protections’ are in place to prevent exposure. So, if you are planning a refurbishment, alterations or extension to your property, make sure you get best advice about how to protect any trades people and yourself.
Ignorance is not a defence when it comes to commercial activities.

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