Do I really need drawings?

Do I really need drawings?

A birds eye view of a proposed Plan

We often get asked this question and the answer we mostly give to customers asking for any alterations to their homes is yes. Why? Because this will afford the client with the best opportunity to consider all aspects that you may not have considered, such as:

  • Is planning required?
  • Is listed building consent required?
  • Are you in a conservation area?
  • Is there a better way to meet the clients requirements – we can present options that often may have not otherwise been considered
  • Are there technical implications to the proposal that could be designed around?
  • Are there Party Wall or Party Structure issues?
  • How are you going to get competitive quotes – most builders will require a drawing as a minimum and we would always recommend drawings and a schedule of works
  • Are there trees that may impact on the depth of new foundations? Are there tree preservation orders in place and if not what are the potential issues of removing trees

Starting a project without a well developed plan is like embarking on a foreign destination in a car without a map. You may have the address and a rough idea of where you want to be and when, but the route to it begins by advance planning. Is your car reliable and up to the journey? Will you need special insurance, roadside recovery? How are you crossing the English Channel and is it available and booked? Are there faster routes, roadworks, road closures, toll roads or bridges, congestion charges, and is there parking at your destination? Will you need visas, passports,and insurance documents? Are there any travel, weather or home office alerts warning of potential issues ( is it safe) ? The main difference is that with a major project the cost implications of not planning properly will likely result in far more expense and lost time implications than would otherwise occur by just simply not planning a car journey – (increased fuel costs, traffic delays, not arriving on time, missing a crossing, missing an appointment etc. etc.) .

We are a Lincolnshire based professional architectural design service. We carry professional indemnity insurance so that you can rest assured you will receive protection.

Don’t leave this to blind chance, in the material world evolution and random selection doesn’t result in intelligent designs.

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