Monthly Archives - September 2019

A good time to build?

The UK is seeing a building boom in the domestic market. Extensions are going up everywhere. Good builders are all very busy. That means it is not the best time to build! Why? Its supply and demand. Builders can pick and choose and to a certain extent name their price. Like most peaks in building it will follow with a downward trend so don’t rush into those building projects. When it comes to getting quotations our advice is to [...]

Do I need planning permission ?

We have applied for listed building consent for changes to a converted barns feature storey height glazing. Did you know that listed building consent is required if you plan to make any changes to the fabric of a listed building? There are 4 ratings: Scheduled Monument – Full protection, no changes. All work must be approved. Grade 1 – No changes internally or externally without consent. Grade 2* – No changes externally or internally without consent – more stringent controls on any internal alterations. Grade [...]

I See No Asbestos

Asbestos based products were in prolific use up until the late 80’s. If you own a property that was built prior to the 90’s the likely hood is there may be asbestos present albeit possibly in relatively low grade form, but don’t let this fool you, asbestos in any form can be harmful if not handled correctly. BEWARE, to expose workers to asbestos is an offense. Domestic home owners are not expected to know about the risks or possibilities [...]

Expertise saves time and money

I recently had an experience that proved to me seeking the right expert help to solve a problem often saves time and money. Let me explain. I had a problem with my web site. The company that previously hosted my websites and decided to take my websites off line because I challenged a charge for a purchase that I had not authorised. I was sent the web page files but despite my best efforts to do it myself [...]

Do I really need drawings?

A birds eye view of a proposed Plan We often get asked this question and the answer we mostly give to customers asking for any alterations to their homes is yes. Why? Because this will afford the client with the best opportunity to consider all aspects that you may not have considered, such as: Is planning required? Is listed building consent required? Are you in a conservation area? Is there a better way to meet the clients requirements – we can present options [...]