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Asbestos Survey-do I need one?

Asbestos based products were in prolific use up until the late 80’s. If you own a property that was built prior to the 90’s the likely hood is there may be asbestos present albeit possibly in relatively low grade form, but don’t let this fool you, asbestos in any form can be harmful if not handled correctly. BEWARE, to expose workers to asbestos is an offense. Domestic home owners are not expected to know about the risks or possibilities of [...]

Do I Need Approval – Listed Building Consent

We have applied for listed building consent for changes to a converted barns feature storey height glazing. Did you know that listed building consent is required if you plan to make any changes to the fabric of a listed building? There are 4 ratings: Scheduled Monument – Full protection, no changes. All work must be approved. Grade […]