Buy on recommendations *****

Buy on recommendations *****

When you are thinking about buying a product how much do you rely on reviews? For instance would you buy the product if it had 5 x 1 star reviews? What about no reviews, is that worse than a 1 x 1 star review? Perhaps no reviews indicates indifference or worse that the customers were so unhappy they couldn’t say anything positive. When the purchase involves service and it was good, do you bother to tell others about it? What about if it was very good or excellent? I have heard it said that the British are a nation of complainers, and whilst that sounds like another possible gross generalisation, are we a nation of recommenders?
Having a complete stranger visit your home to provide advise about home improvements is as about intrusive and personal as it can get, this makes the way that you are handled even more important wouldn’t you agree? Were you shown due respect and regard? Did the surveyor offer to take their shoes off? Did they listen carefully? Were your views and opinions given proper weight?
Here is a check list of things to look out for from a service that is excellent:

  1. Do they have good reviews? No reviews is not good.
  2. Did they arrive on time?
  3. If unavoidably delayed ( accidents do happen) were you contacted.
  4. Did they show respect for your home?
  5. Did they switch their phone off?
  6. Did they fully explain the options to you?
  7. Did they confirm the brief to you?
  8. Did they keep you advised of progress?
  9. Did they kindly and sensitively challenge your ideas?
  10. Did they listen?

Next time you are choosing a consumer product or considering which restaurant to visit or film to watch, remember the degree to which you considered and/or relied upon customer reviews and do the same when it comes to choosing your architectural designer.

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