Monthly Archives - April 2016

Interlectual Property

We all too frequently visit potential clients and give away our ideas regarding what can be done………these ideas are ours, but we can’t stop the client from using them. The lid on the Pandora’ box has been lifted, the idea is out there waiting to be copied. What can we do about that? Avoid giving too much information. We could suggest a fee for the 1st visit, but we all know how that would be received. It’s a dilemma and [...]

Why pay for designs?

That’s a good question. What are the options? Work it out yourself of course. There are many people who will do this and it will work out well, as indeed there are a number of people that can do the work themselves and produce a very good job. For those that are not gifted or talented in that way call for professional help. You will still have to make the final decisions, but would you trust just anybody with [...]