Monthly Archives - January 2016

Invest in People

At LN4 we carefully choose suitable candidates to train. We have taken on a 16 year old, a 25 year old and a 28 year old. The key ingredients: eager to learn, right attitude to work, and trustworthy. Its working for us. How do we keep them? Look after them and they will look after the business. Simples😋

NHS buildings using new language

The October issue of the AJ features an article about Alder Heys new hospital. The building appraisal states that the new buildings “language appears to have consciously evolved away from the clinical”….and that’s great. It is difficult to balance the need for interiors that place proper emphasis on infection control whilst at the same time creating an environment that is’ non clinical’ warm and reassuring. Treating the whole person and especially the mind is essential to the well being of patients. I find that it [...]