Yearly Archives - 2016

Listed Building Consent – do you need it?

We have applied for listed building consent for changes to a converted barns feature storey height glazing. Did you know that listed building consent is required if you plan to make any changes to the fabric of a listed building? There are 4 ratings: Scheduled Monument – Full protection, no changes. All work must be approved. Grade 1 – No changes internally or externally without consent. Grade 2* – No changes externally or internally without consent – more stringent controls on any internal alterations. Grade [...]

Buy on recommendations *****

When you are thinking about buying a product how much do you rely on reviews? For instance would you buy the product if it had 5 x 1 star reviews? What about no reviews, is that worse than a 1 x 1 star review? Perhaps no reviews indicates indifference or worse that the customers were so unhappy they couldn’t say anything positive. When the purchase involves service and it was good, do you bother to tell others about it? What about if it was very [...]

It's got to work

In the course of my surveying duties I get to visit a number of NHS facilities located across the country. I find new and old, some in a poor condition due to age and neglect and others that are more recent constructions but no less defect free. Recently visited a health care center that was built approx 2-3 years ago. Looked great on the outside but step inside and one quickly became aware of issues that seriously let the building as [...]