Monthly Archives - August 2015

Extensions Galore

The UK is seeing a building boom in the domestic market. Extensions are going up everywhere. Builders are all very busy. That means it is not the best time to build! Why? Its supply and demand. Builders can pick and choose and to a certain extent name their price. Like most peaks in building it will follow with a downward trend so don’t rush into those building projects. When it comes to getting quotations our advice is to get [...]

Loft Conversions

Just met with a builder that completed a loft extension complete with staircase and dormer forming a large bedroom and generous hallway to a bungalow for £21K in only 4 weeks. Start to finish!!. That includes floor strengthening and steel roof beams etc etc. Want to know his name?

We are not too big!

If you visit our website you may be mistaken in thinking we are too big to work on small projects, and big means expensive! Well you’d be wrong, that’s why we have a sister company LN4 AD. Set up to handle smaller projects, extensions, refurbishment and new build houses. Contact us for prices, you will be surprised. The MD